In the age of social media you have 7 seconds or less to make an impression. A professional photograph for your profile image is one of the best ways to do that.

Everyone has at least some kind of photograph SO how do you make yours stand out? Experts say that an image that says “I love what I do” & “I love my life” will really help boost your profile. Looking happy in a  photography helps build Trust & Credibility with those viewing your image.  The look of happiness and peace cannot be faked, our reptilian brain is constantly looking for signs of dishonesty.   

In my 10 years (plus) of experience photographing lifestyle/people images for major Editorial Publications National & International clients, I have culminated a list of my Top 5 tips to shine in front of the camera which will lead to a successful photo or video session, so that the results are a reflection of the true, beautiful you.

5. Investing in yourself

Your commitment to your overall wellness rituals really becomes apparent when in front of studio lights. Taking the time to eat well, exercise, sleep, hydrate and meditate. Also investing in yourself includes working with professionals like a stylist and makeup artist to prepare for your shoot.

4. Breath

Don’t forget to breath.  When you are nervous your sympathetic nervous system gears up, engaging the flight or fight reflex of our body does not make for natural photographs! The mouth, throat, eyes tense up, shoulders rise…. Breath breaks are something I lead my subjects through many times during shoots to get the  parasympathetic nervous system helping us out during the photos.

3. Love your life

Doing what you love – living an authentic life – being happy and inspired in your life. Your joy will shine through during the session. The success of your photos is a direct representation of how much you love your life and my next point, of how much you love yourself.

2. Love yourself

My photo shoots are a no negative self talk & no comparison zone. Self love is a key component to exude confidence in front of the camera.

1. Presence

Is the magic ingredient. When you love yourself and love your life- Presence abounds. Being  present is the number one most important factor for shining in front of a camera. Posture, confidence, expression all flow into place and you start to communicate your unique beauty, especially through your eyes.


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