I cannot tell you how many times people say to me “Nice camera – it takes nice pictures.” 

Another common comment:  ” wow nice picture – what lens did you use, what aperature, what shutter speed…. ”

 It is not the camera taking the pictures. It would be the same as saying :

  • Its the chef’s knife that makes the food good. Got to get me one of those knives.
  • Its  the paintbrush that made VanGogh’s paintings so beautiful.  If only I could have that paintbrush I would be a good painter.
  • Its the pen that was used to write that book.  If only I had a better pen.

Technical mastery  is important, but it is not enough.

Its the vision of the operator and the ability to tap into your Abintra – your uniqueness within, that makes your particular art beautiful not the  instrument you are using. This does not only apply  to photographers, writers and musicians.

Allow yourself to be inspired  and guided by your inner observations of things that uniquely move you.   If you ask me to take pictures of cars something I have no interest in, the pictures will reflect it.   Whereas if you ask me to  take pictures of something I love…

We are all different, and have unique gifts to offer and share.