My  current work began at the age of 8;  with my photoshoots of my younger sisters,  consisting of a borrowed barbie camera and alot of imagination. My first published article appeared in a Toronto newspaper around the same time.

The current business I have created is a re- discovery of what I inherently knew as a child. 

Given the indirect route taken to get to where I am at today, I am often asked how did you do it?

In fact the first time I was invited to speak, it was to answer this exact question – how did you go from Corporate to Creative? I retraced my steps and created a presentation that was titled Abintra which is the one word reply to this question,  a Latin term that means From Within.

In 1999 I reconnected with my childhood passion for photography when the birth of my first daughter led me to purchase a DSLR camera. While on maternity leave I enrolled in a night school course, with no intention of becoming a professional photographer.

My love of learning & curiosity is insatiable,  I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations & Human Resources from the University of Toronto (B.A. (Hon) M.I.R.H.R), which was just the beginning.  I just kept taking courses that I was passionate about.   My creative studies have included: Photography – Humber College, Film story telling  – Maine Media College, Creative Writing – University of Toronto, Fine Art -Toronto School of Art and  Yoga Teacher Training at the Iyengar Yoga School of Toronto to name a few…

By 2002 I began my transition to professional photography. Around this time I also started a therapeutic yoga class to help ease back pain.  I hated yoga, I could not even do svasagna (rest & relaxation) for 1 minute at the end of class. Over time a regular yoga practice created the space and  flexibilty for a flow of grace to guide me forward.  You could say I became a little obsessed.



My freelance photography career was a crash course in Branding 101, in on of the most saturated industries.  Until I learned the secrets of branding my photography work was not selling.   My work has been featured in many International Editorial and Commercial projects to convey emotive visual concepts.

As interest in my personal story grew, I connected with another childhood passion and started writing about it.  I am  a contributing author in the bestselling compilation book “Breakthrough: Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life” which is based on the tools she used to navigate my transition.

Looking back at how all the seemingly unrelated steps I took in my life converged to create my business, despite all the “wrong steps” I thought I took early on, amazes me.  

All that I teach  is based on the navigational tools I used as I found my way back to a more authentic & peaceful life.  I  learned that doing what you love is the most healing thing you can do for  yourself, all living beings and that the more personal you make your life the more Universal it becomes.  

Through all that we offer it is our intention to activate the power of the feminine, to initiate personal growth & fulfillment that will cause ripples in the pond beyond what we could imagine. We’re in this to make a difference.

Thank you for taking the time to visit! I look forward to connecting and for what lies ahead.