Consultant, Author, Artist

 Nancy did not take a  direct route to her current work.  It was not until half way through her life that  she re-discovered her childhood passion for photography. 

 She holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations & Human Resources  B.A. (Hon) M.I.R.H.R (University of Toronto).  After graduation she worked in large corporations in the Human Resources Departments.   She has worked  in  financial  & manufacturing sectors in unionized and non unionized environments, handling everything from Training to Hiring/Firing. 

 She has been an Instructor in the Business Facilities at York University & Seneca College, as well as for Corporate Clients, designing full credit courses and seminars in the Human Resources Speciality.


go with the flow

The Creative Life 


Her freelance photography career started as a hobby after the birth of her 2 daughters.  She bought a camera and enrolled in a night school course, she was just merrily doing what she loved to do. 

 She submitted some images to a parenting magazine and much to her surprise they asked if they could licence the image for the cover of one of their national publications.  That was a turning point.  Over time she established her brand as a photographer in one of the most saturated industries based on her ability to connect with and capture the essence of her subjects.   Her lifestyle photography was widely published in North American Commercial, Editorial & Book publishing projects, her stock was represented Internationally by Getty Images.

 The focus of her photography work has since evolved to reflect her connection with animals, she has created fine art collections that are featured and collected in art galleries, shows, private collections and in her self published book Elephants Up Close.




 Another turning point was her decision to enrol in a yoga class to deal with persistent back pain.  Over time she overcame her dislike of yoga, so much so that she trained in the Iyengar Yoga Instructor Program for over 5 years.   When she started out her type A personality could not stand  even one minute of Svasagna (rest pose) at the end  class.  Nancy’s focus during her training  was the practice of Pranayama (breathwork.)  

 She is a sought after speaker based on her story and the unconventional steps she took to discover her authentic self, creative talents and establish her brand.  For speaking Inquiries click here.




She has also extended the reach of her message as the co-author of an Amazon bestseller “Breakthrough:  Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life.”

 She combines her creative & business backgrounds in her training programs, designed for both personal & professional breakthroughs.  She employs creative approaches to teach mindfulness and stress management tools.  


Nancy is known for her ability to explain right brain concepts with a left brain sensibility.




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